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caesar salad

Caesar Salad

greek salad

Greek Salad

Papa Salad

Signature Salad


All salads come with one packet of dressing.


SM (Serves 1-2): $9.95

Add Chicken +3

MD (Serves 3-6): $18.95

Add Chicken +7

LG (Serves 8-10): $29.95

Add Chicken +10



SM (Serves 1-2): $10.95
MD (Serves 3-6): $22.95
LG (Serves 8-10): $34.95

Signature Salad

Mixed greens with slices of ham, pepperoni, provolone, black olives, and roasted peppers

SM (Serves 1-2): $12.95
MD (Serves 3-5): $24.95
LG (Serves 8-10): $39.95

Rich tastes
with a much
richer history.


Paparazzi's menu consists of our family recipes that are over 100 years old passed down from four generations. For decades The Trubia, Belicose and Certo families had merged together through marriage resulting in delicious Authentic Italian-American dishes.


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